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this is great about the iPhone - i'm an iTouch user and would really like to try it. That is a fascinating interview with David Detmers - thank you for pointing us to it!

"During our interview Detmers noted that the demonstration yesterday was of a prototype application that LifeScan created specifically for the event to show what medical devices can do when connected with iPhone 3.0. Detmers stressed that the demo was not meant to represent a fully-defined commercial product that is imminent. Apple asked LifeScan just a few weeks ago to create a prototype for the event and LifeScan was all too happy to participate, but a product like the one shown is not on the verge of a commercial launch."
The full story...http://mobihealthnews.com/973/interview-lifescan-on-iphone-30/

this is good programs.....and very useful for diabetic

Great post! I can't wait to try this product out, but I do feel as though sometimes we forget about the everyday physical pains associated with diabetes when we become more technology focused. Injecting yourself daily is not only a hassle but can be very painful. Even worse, many people on various blogs I've recently read and people I know personally, have stopped taking their injections or eat less in order to be able to skip an insulin shot. The i-port is a new invention designed to take the shots for you. You adhere it to your body once, and it takes your shots for you without any pain for the next 3 days. It was also created by a woman with diabetes as a solution to the daily hassles she was dealing with. I definitely think this product is worth mentioning. It may not be as technologically advanced as an iphone app, but it definitely helps with the daily struggles. Check it out if you’re interested: http://www.i-port.com/about.php

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