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I may not win any friends with my position on this, but I really think we should take this a step further and institute a similar tax on the Federal level, and also apply it not only to soft drinks, but highly-refined and/or processed foods including white flour. I can hear the food processing industry crying foul now.

However, the science is very clear, but our Government policies do far more than they should (whether by design or by accident) to discourage healthy habits while making poor habits far too easy and inexpensive -- even far less expensive than healthier alternatives.

Whether it has any impact on obesity is kind of irrelevant; when we have governments across the country without any money, and we feel free to tax basic fuels for our homes and automobiles, shouldn't only healthy body fuels be tax-free? Maybe that could make a dent in the huge deficits we've seen emerge during the past 8 years!

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