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Geoffrey W. Rutledge, MD, PhD

While I agree that having this published in an esteemed medical journal is a step that is badly-needed in securing insurance coverage, I question why the industry selling these devices did not do this research. While some are startups, others are well-capitalized medical conglomerates. For example, the last time I checked, Medtronic, Inc. (maker of one CGMS device) was a $13,515 mil company who could more than afford to pay for these studies. Instead, they leave the research up to a nonprofit like JDRF to foot the cost instead -- shame on diaBusiness!!

As a JDRF fundraiser, I would really prefer that my hard-earned money be going towards the reason the organization was founded: a cure. This is not a cure, but a costly Band-Aid which industry should be footing the cost to justify. However, JDRF's CEO stepped down unexpected earlier this year, so perhaps we may see yet another change in strategy when the organization finally names a new CEO.

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