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It does seems as though new problems related to Type II Diabetes keep cropping up. I wish they could find a cure for this disease - all types.

I recently was put on byetta by dr. and the results have been very gratifing. i've been a type 2 diabetic for over 40 years and the past few years it has been very ahrd to get my blood sugar level down below 150 now on the byetta i not only have lowered my blood sugar level to the 90's and low 100's but i have lost over 25lbs in the prossess.also as a side benifit my has lost weight to. as byetta curbs your appetite we are both eating less.

Researchers estimate that about 10 percent of Americans will develop diabetes during their lifetime and about twice that number will develop a milder form of diabetes called impaired glucose tolerance, or pre-diabetes. Diabetes and pre-diabetes often do not present any symptoms until a complication arises, making the disease difficult for patients to detect.

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