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I'm not sure why Huckabee's camp didn't respond to your request - but I can tell you from experience that he makes health and fitness a priority in what he does - personally and professionally. The changes he made in his own life, and the lives of those in Arkansas, show where his heart lies. I think he's our best option for doing great things for Diabetes!

I certainly understand your frustration with the candidates, especially since its almost as if they assumed our community does not warrant a response even while the candidates are only too happy to demonize that very same community for disproportionately consuming such a large percentage of healthcare dollars. Unfortunately, I don't see much more than that being discussed.

I also wonder if you saw the movie "Thank You for Smoking", because the last few minutes, was in my opinion, the most telling: namely that the tobacco industry got together along with the pharmaceutical and food industry to strategize on how to lobby and address public perception. I wonder how far from the truth that may be?

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