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I am glad Lilly is doing its part in diabetes care through it's ad promotion campaign. They had been a bit absent lately.

anything on the EASD/ADA/IFCC consensus on the A1c? I have yet to see any press release on the CGM versus average glucose study that was supposed to be released this month.


hey there i one hundred percent agree - great news. Last year they said they were working to turn around their insulin franchise and i remember writing at the time that i wasn't sure how they would do that - the absence of a long acting analog is a difficult problem to solve, for sure. Then again, I thought sure that Dr. Heine could probably join whatever company he liked and clearly he had some reason for this! I think he will bring lots of intelligence to the company and the faster one company innovates, seemingly the faster everyone innovates, so that is great news for patients. They share profits on Byetta only in the US I believe - I think outside the US, at least for a few years, the way the deal is structured, at least up until some milestone, all the profits go to them. Both Merck and Novartis will be selling Januvia and Galvus (actually, a Galvus/Metformin combo called Eucreas - good name!) in the EU, so it will be interesting to see how that goes. It'll also be interesting to see if FDA was right or if FDA was too cautious with holding back Galvus.

I think Lilly badly needs the addition of Robert Heine if they hope to remain a viable player in this market. They have sqaundered a near-monopoly (some 85% of the insulin market) over the last decade and the company is continuing to loose ground to Novo and Sanofi in part, because they do not have a long-acting analog to sell, and PBMs have instead made Novo and Sanofi's complete product lines their "preferred" brands. Their entire current market strategy relies mainly on their partnership with Amylin, but they also share the profits for those product. A few snazzy insulin pens will not turn that around, they need a strategy man running the show, so this is indeed good news for Lilly. Maybe now we can start to believe Sidney Taurel's promises!

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