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Is Exubera still being dosed according to the patient's weight?

Also, despite the safety information, effectiveness is a huge concern. Is there any comparison of patients taking Exubera compared to patients with the same A1c and other characteristics taking Basal/Bolus injected insulin?

My major concern with Exubera has always been that it is a bolus insulin, used at mealtimes, but it cannot be dosed to match the carbohydrate intake of the meal. this means means that tight control is impossible and patients with Type 2 are likely be kept at dangerously high blood sugar levels so as to avoid lows.

If a patient is going to use insulin, wouldn't it be better to put them on the effective basal/bolus regimens that, in combination with carb counting, can normalize blood sugar rather than the random doses that Exubera makes necessary.

Given the huge difference in insulin/carb ratios from person to person, the idea that you can dose by the patient's weight seems like it guarantees most people cannot get good control with this product. Injectable insulin, properly prescribed and with patients who are properly educated CAN provide excellent control.

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