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Obesity is a family affair and unless all impactful members are ready and willing to make a stance problem will not be solved.

To turn away and make like the problem will go away on its own becomes a form of abuse when diseases associated with the condition start to appear.

We also have a growing number of infants and toddlers who haven't lived long enough to EAT the amount of food necessary to cause obesity who are obese and are developing diabetes.

This points to genetic causes of diabetes, many of which are probably due to the chemicals leaching out of the huge amount of plastics in our environment, as well as pollutants in air and water.

The same kinds of chemicals that cause cancer also cause genetic damage in offspring. Obesity is often a clear signal of genetic damage.

But it is easier to blame people for gluttony than to investigate the huge chemical load that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

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