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I'm Chief Medical Officer at Revolution Health and want to thank you for your note. Absolutely, we very much would like to link-to and support health communities in any way possible. I've been to Diabetes OC and really admire the way it's layed out. In the future we plan to offer the ability for blogs like yours to grab items from our site and put them on yours if you find them helpful. Thanks for the heads up about your great site.

I read the NYT article yesterday, and also saw it featured on a recent CNN story as well. I certainly hope this venture is successful, but it looks a bit too early to draw any conclusions yet. I agree 100% that RevolutionHealth will likely evolve in ways that Steve Case himself cannot imagine.

In some respects, Revolution Health is a bit late to the game -- I'm thinking, for example, of the Diabetes OC, an organically grown association of diabetes bloggers (D-bloggers, as I call them), which now numbers well over 200 (236 to be exact) as of April 12, 2007 which began from almost nothing in 2005. My sincere hope that RevolutionHealth can serve to bridge these spontaneous communities, rather than trying to replace them, such communities may prove very valuable to an organization trying to to "create the most trusted brand in health".

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