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Am I the only person who found it disturbing that there was a risk of death in this particular protocol?

So many of the new diabetes "solutions" seem to ignore this kind of problem. Anakinra, the new arthritis drug they are touting as a type 2 diabetes drug, suppresses the immune system and people taking it during clinical trials developed three times as much melanoma as expected. I learned this from the prescribing information. The press releases just talk about how exciting it is that it lowered blood sugar.

Januvia also may suppress the immune system, as DPP-4 is important to the healing of wounds and the prevention of melanocytes turning malignant. There has been no significant research to see if Januvia's inhibition of DDP-4 might promote the growth of cancers or delay wound healing. The clinical trials ran for such a short period that such effects could have been missed and the connection may not be made between these effects and the drug for a decade or more.

The medical community must demand that there be more consideration of the trade offs with new drugs. A .5% drop in A1c is not worth developing melanoma. And the hope of getting off insulin is not worth dying for!

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